What is the difference between a magnet school and a charter school?

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Charter Schools

Charter schools began cropping up in the beginning of the 90s. They are self running public schools started by teachers, parents and other
members of the community. The receeive public funding from the state and have a board of directors. The usually have a curriculum and educational
philiosophy that differs from other public schools. Charters are held accountable for maintaining the state education requirements that are measured
with standardized tests. They must maintaincertain curriculum reqirements that are the same as the rest of the state they operate in.

Sometimes they are started by for-profit companies, but these account for a small percentage of charters.
Some popular for-profit schools are Advantage Schools and Edison schools.

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are run through the public school system and are a regular part of the system.  Unlike charters, a magnet school can set criteria for
acceptance.  They are highly competitive and renowned for their special programs, superior facilities and high academic standards.
Some magnets have on campus boarding facilities so that out of state students can attend.

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